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Gray Owl Network is a unique market research platform designed to enhance search capabilities for publicly available information from the financial services sector. Gray Owl Network provides a powerful alternative to traditional search platforms that combines automated search tools, authoritative assets curated and cataloged by experts, peer-reviews, custom profile-based alerts, project sharing, and individual back-up storage through our vault feature to deliver time-savings and effective discovery. In addition to its searching and collaboration features, Gray Owl Network provides proprietary survey data that may be analyzed through interactive charting displays on a shared-cost basis across participating users.


Serving you quality Financial Service information

Gray Owl Network's community of like-minded individuals gain access to the best strategic information and market insights available through publicly available information on the web. The Gray Owl Network platform allows us to address the needs of this community by delivering an efficient, low-cost market research tool that enables our users to identify (search), discover, use and store high-quality information that previously was only available through extensive time spent data-gathering. This information is delivered continuously throughout the year and is gathered through a proprietary algorithm (machine learning and crawling – literally millions of pages of information across thousands of targeted sites) tightly tied to research professionals who are qualifying and cataloging this information, coupled with user-experience based metrics (showing popularity and utility of cataloged items). This “bottoms-up” approach to gathering strategic information leads to a meaningful time-savings (efficiency gain) and a better outcome by allowing enhanced discovery of related materials and information.

Features & Benefits
Information Alerts
Receive alerts when new relevant information becomes available
Group Collaboration
Collaborate and share sets of relevant citations and projects
Easy Information Discovery
View pre-screened, curated and cataloged information in related areas
Peer Rankings of Information
Quickly identify popular data sources and peer rankings
Access To Primary Research
Gain access to continuously updated primary data set surveys
Save Search Time
Save time by focusing your search efforts on meaningful B2B content
Enable A Smarter Search
Enable a smarter search based on full-text and citation based parameters
Store Relevant Data
Store relevant links and personal data through a backup facility

New Databases and Data Sets Added Regularly

Information never sleeps and neither does Gray Owl Network. This is why we work tirelessly to make sure you have access to powerful peer-reviewed, full-text search databases focused on qualitative and quantitative insights that are updated on a daily basis.

How We Bring The Information To You
Gray Owl Network adds a high volume of new quality financial services intelligence to the database on a daily basis utilizing machine learning algorithms that crawl literally millions of pages of information across thousands of targeted sites while automating the ranking and prepopulating relevance categories. These entries are then reviewed by research professionals who perform the final qualifying and cataloging of the information that will be provided to Gray Owl Network users.

By itself, this use of artificial intelligence, combined with human experts, delivers a world class database of information regarding financial services that is updated daily, but then the Gray Owl Social Network adds additional value. Gray Owl Network is used on a daily basis by venture capitalists, market researchers, product managers and others that are experts in financial services. As members of the Gray Owl Network perform their research, their expertise is collected to establish additional metrics that identify the popularity and utility of all items cataloged in the Gray Owl Network. This “bottoms-up” approach to gathering strategic information leads to meaningful time-savings (efficiency gain) and a better outcome by allowing enhanced discovery of related materials and information.
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