About Us

About Us
The Gray Owl Network is an idea that has been on my mind for the past five years while working as the founder of Mercator Advisory Group. During that time, I always believed that there was value in providing researchers with direct access to industry specific information. In September of 2015, I decided to create a team of industry experts, programmers and content creators to begin the development of a robust platform that would not only enable researchers to access quality information quickly, but give them tools to help organize, collaborate, and share the information as well. A year later, with hard work from our dedicated team, we are happy to release Gray Owl Network to the research community. As we continue to grow Gray Owl Network, we look for fun and exciting new ways to enhance the research process and welcome you to be a part of the Gray Owl Network community.
- Robert Misasi
CEO & Founder
Our Team
Robert Misasi
CEO & Founder
Brian Misasi
Ben Danner
Director of Content Creation
Ryan McEndarfer
Director of Marketing
Dan Murray
Advisor to the CEO
Paul Sant
Director of Business Development
Tim Sloane
Product Advisor - Platform
Ken Patterson
Product Advisor - Content
What We Do All Day
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