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Academics Research tools have not stayed current in tracking and cataloging the information available on the internet. Business informational needs and B2B strategic insights and data are difficult to find through traditional search engines, especially if the data is on

Equity Analysts

Equity Analysts As an investment analyst you are constantly looking for added-value information that can enhance your understanding of the industry sectors and dynamics for the firms competing in areas where there is an investment focus. This lets you look

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners Whether you have a team of professionals or you are taking on all the challenges yourself, the traditional research process is a time and resource intensive process. Research source materials from market research analysis firms are often


Consultants Consultants are consistently inundated with new information every day. With the abundance of information comes the challenge of quickly assimilating this information.  Tasks such as: pre-qualifying, categorizing (to allow further search), and organizing information wastes large amounts of your

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Who We Serve Consultants Small Business Owners Financial Professionals Equity Analysts Academics Ready To Enhance Your Market Research? Purchase Gray Owl Network’s Search Platform and recieive a complimentary 2015 data set FREE!   Purchase Gray Owl Network