Small Business Owners

Small Business Owner

Whether you have a team of professionals or taking on all the challenges yourself, the traditional research process is a resource-intensive process. Research source materials from market research analysis firms are often costly. Scouring the internet for related B2B strategic insights, market information and data is very time-consuming. Your time is your only asset. Inefficiencies such as finding, pre-qualifying and navigating the available information wastes time. Combine this with often less-mature infrastructures that are not fully set up to organize, save, share, backup and collaborate with colleagues on your findings makes you wonder if there is a more efficient and smarter search process.

How Utilizing Gray Owl Network Benefits Small Business Owners
With Gray Owl Network's unique human-plus-tech approach to the research process, we utilize automated crawls, machine learning classifications and human curated content to build citation records to deliver cataloged and peer-reviewed citations. In addition to providing access to survey-based interactive data sets on a user friendly platform, consultants are able to obtain and organize valuable, relevant information efficiently. When small business owners leverage Gray Owl Network’s platform, they notice an immediate benefit and value in the following ways:
Delivering Quality Information
That is cataloged, peer-reviewed, and
from current strategic insights
Interactive Survey Data
Developed on proprietary survey based research on end user experiences
Saving You Time
Eliminating hours of sifting through pages of bogus search engine results
Information Alerts
Based on your profile and individual research project needs
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